Hana's Suitcase was invited to the Holocaust symposium for High school students, May 2006

31st Annual High School Symposium on the Holocaust
Student Feedback

“The story of Hana was truly amazing and one of hope. Even though Hana has passed on, she continues to connect different people and provide peace and hope.”

“The song about Hana Brady was very touching. I felt that it was important to play this song to show us how powerful and upsetting the Holocaust was and that ordinary children, innocent children, were cold-bloodedly murdered simply because they were Jewish.”

“These people are so outgoing and it’s really good that they can go around the world and explain to them about one little girl. I couldn’t imagine the pain George Brady must go through, knowing his sister was killed because of their race. I find it amazing one little girl can teach millions worldwide about the past.”

“I loved the entire story of Hana. It was told in a different way by each person, which added truths and eloquence to the story.”

“It was very interesting to learn that even though Hana had died in a concentration camp we did not have to mourn her death, but to embrace her life.”

“The pictures and stories were treasures as well as discovering the story of a sister and brother’s relationship during this time was incredible and touching.”

“Your story was inspirational and moving. The efforts made by Karen and Fumiko to spread this story are nothing short of outstanding. George, your courage is admirable and you truly are a hero.”

“Insight into how even people now, whether they are Jewish or not, can do their part in letting people know what happened.”

“These stories touched me. I learned a lot and felt so empathetic to hear the story of Hana. I would love to know more now. This really opened my eyes and mind.”

“It was great that George Brady was willing to speak to us. I love that this group came to Vancouver. I never would have heard about Hana otherwise.”

“Interesting how people’s lives interact and how they’re connected.”