Visit to Scotland, January 2012

Hana's brother George Brady, Mrs.Teresa Brady,
their daughter Lara, Larry Weinstein,
director of the film "Inside Hana's Suitcase",
and Fumiko Ishioka visited Scotland in January 2012.

Story of Hana's suitcase was shared with 3000 students in Scotland
on National Holocaust Memorial Day events.

DAY 1 - Arrived in beautiful Edinburgh!

DAY 2 - Reunion with the Brady family!

DAY 3 - Screening of the film "Inside Hana's Suitcase"
for 500 students at Filmhouse.
Q and A followed with George, Lara, and Fumiko.

Such enthusiastic students asking George (left) questions.
We were so lucky to have such beautiful sunny days.
For the screening in the evening, Larry Weinstein, the film director joined.
Lots of students and families came to see the film.

DAY 4 - Moved to Dundee. Visited Eastern Primary School.

Q and A sessions went out to schools al over Scotland
via 'Glow Meet' (Scottish national intranet for school education).
More than 1,000 students from 23 schools, including one from Shetland, joined us.

Hi! to friends in Japan

Hana's suitcase presentation in the evening at
Dundee Contemporary Arts Theatre.

Lara Brady speaking

DAY 5 - Visit to Arbroath Academy.

Back in Dundee in the afternoon. Visited the Lord Provost John Letford
of the City of Dundee,
co-host of National Holocaust Memorial Event Scotland.

Caird Hall, venue for the main event.
Excited to hear that Beatles also performed here!

For the evening, we were invited to such warm,
lovely dinner at Jewish Community Center.

DAY 6 - National Holocaust Memorial Day event

For 1,300 students in the morning.

Main event in the evening

Rabbi Bent Melchior of Denmark and Lord Provost

Students Choir perform 'Courage'

Maureen and Frances from Scottish Inter Faith Council