Hana's suitcase in Nagano

Since the story of Hana's suitcase was adapted for a stage,
it's been wonderful visiting so many groups of families who want to see the suitcase
and learn the history before they see the play.

Last weekend, Hana's suitcase was on the road again to meet a few groups in Nagano.

In one of the meetings, there were three high school students
who were not keen on coming to the presentation.
They knew it would be a very sad story.
But they talked to each other and decided to come.

At the end of the presentation, they left a few words for George.
(with no preparation, no draft...)

It's in Japanese, but they are saying they realized how important it is to remember and to share.
Mach on the right says, "A series of coincidences also gave me a chance to learn about
Hana's suitcase. I'm happy about that. Now I want to share it with many others.